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“Abyssal is an image of an abyss constructed in vertical anamorphosis, in which successive lines of windows in great perspectival compression provoke the perception of a space in depth, which will function as a virtual hole able to provide uncanny spatial distortions. This large-format digital image also involves a temporal dimension – since through it I sought to recover, almost archaeologically, the memory of the old-fashioned windows of the market that used to operate in this building.” (Designer: Regina Silveira)

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  1. Raimi,
    Mungkin saya silap.. bro, font baru ni agak menganggu mata kot. Courier mcm lebih mesra bila gunakan iphone dsb. Ke ni slh satu teknik optikal illusion? Lol.

  2. Trmasuk yang ni, rasanya dah 3x font blog ni ditegur...
    Rasanya mmng betul font ni ganggu mata..
    Memang kena betul ko tegur aku dgn tajuk post ni.. hahahahaha


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