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Tynt Publisher Tools merupakan Webmaster Tools yang mampu memudahkan pengurusan sesebuah blog. Apa yang penting disini ialah, laporan seperti Review, Information, Statistik, Ramalan Traffic dan banyak lagi, dapat dijadikan panduan kepada webmaster blogger untuk meningkatkan SEO | Search Engine Optimization sesebuah blog.

Sebagai contoh, saya sisipkan satu daripada laporan ataupun update information mengenai inbound keywords dan outbound keywords blog ♌¹³ Pseudosupra | aLive Blog pada  tarikh 29 Ogos 2012

Tynt Publisher Tools | Panduan Blogger | SEO Black Book

Kesimpulannya, Tynt ™ Publisher Tools dapat menjimatkan masa beharga anda (masa itu emas), memudahkan, mempercepatkan and can help increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Itupun sekiranya anda semua melihat laporan dan information update yang Tynt™ publisher tools hantar ke inbox e mail anda. Tapi, kalau anda terus delete (bukak pun tidak) e mail laporan tersebut! Konpem! CEO Google pun tak dapat nak nolong SEO blog korang beb.. (pengsan). ~ Panduan Blogger | SEO Black Book

Tynt Publisher Tools Panduan Blogger SEO Black Book
Tynt™ Publisher Tools

Tynt, the world’s leading publisher toolset, accurately predicts interest-driven user behavior on the Web for its vast network of premium partners. Tynt sees three out of every four of the world’s unique Internet users, and captures their interests and social interactions in what represents the “Interest Graph.” This data provides highly precise measurements of consumer intent and equips publishers with the tools they need to react quickly to new opportunities. Tynt has revolutionized online customization and enabled publisher brands to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
  • Publisher Tools can help increase your Search Engine Optimization. When users share your content, our attribute provides a reliable, steady source of traffic from strong fixed links. When you serve up relevant content, your natural search engine ranking improves.
  • Publisher Tools give you a better social understanding. Because we follow the content that gets copied, shared and followed, we can see what social networks generate the most inbound traffic for your site. Use this information to adjust outreach, and refine your point of view on social media strategies.
  • Publisher Tools give you a singular and accurate measure of user engagement. When you understand what readers are responding to, you gain an appreciation for the value of your site’s content.
Tynt Publisher Tools | Panduan Blogger | SEO Black Book
Tynt Publisher Tools | Panduan Blogger | SEO Black Book

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  1. Siap ad ramalan traffic lgi utk blog ni ;O
    xreti la ak benda2 mcm ni.. hehe

  2. Aku pun baru guna publisher tool ni..
    Siap ada statistik ramalan traffic lagi..
    Link nya ada pada entry, cuba daftar kalau nak tau..

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