Quotes About Not Perfect | Wordless Wednesday #16 | Image Quotes

Quotes About Not Perfect | Wordless Wednesday #16 | Image Quotes

Quotes About Not Perfect

We're not perfect, but we'd like to be perfect. We're working on it, let's do the right thing.
Quotes by Raimi Syazwan

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  1. we arent perfect and never be. yet we still trying and keep on moving.

  2. Betul tu bro Apple, keep on moving and jangan pernah berhenti..

  3. Yup betul!
    and practice make perfect ;D
    semoga kita menjadi manusia yg sempurna inshaAllah

  4. yeah..no ones is perfect.perfection does not exist.everyone has flaws..and it's the flaws that make us perfectly imperfect :)

  5. yeah.. betul sangat2 tu... takde sape yg perfect... even practise make perfect, tapi takkan dapat seperfect nya...

  6. terbaik quoteni..ambo suka sesangat..
    simple tp mendalam.

  7. tiada yg sempurna melainkan Dia.

  8. “Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why practice?”
    ~ Kurt Cobain Quote
    [More quote from Kurt]


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