How to Tell If Someone Is Lying


This information is probably one of the most useful things you can know. It is useful for pretty much anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of scams and other deceptions.

Here is what you need to look out for...

Slip of the tongue
The brain is distracted because it is creating the next lie, or it is questioning the weakness of the one just told.

Hesitation before answering
This means the person is considering any flaws in the lie about to be given

Forced facial expressions such as smiling for a long period of time
Done in order to convince the interviewer of their lack of stress and fear.

Eyes that divert when the interviewer asks a difficult question
Indicates worry that the investigator is going to so through the lie.

Increased body activity, like fiddling with an object in front of them
This is emotion being turned into a physical need to relieve the stress of lying.

The tricky part in all this is just because someone exhibits one or more of these signs does not make them a liar.You have to compare the behavior they are showing with there natural behavior so results can be relative. Lie detecting experts say that a combination of body language and other cues must be used to make an educated guess on whether someone is lying or not.
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