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Malaysia TM Net Streamyx users are facing slow connection speed due to throttle implementation on certain file types download. There are several ways to fix this throttle issue. We can use proxy server and VPN to bypass it. I tried several proxy servers but can’t solve the issue. Seem like the only way is to use VPN. There are free and paid VPN out there. So far, I tried free UltraVPN and Hide My IP 5.0 trial. Both of them are not working for me. And finally found Hotspot Shield from AnchorFree that is working fine. It is free but an adware.

OpenVPNportable google it when you edit your proxy settings, just change the proxy port to “80″ and your good to go. If you find some problems, just play around your proxy you can find plenty of it.

Free Proxy site:

Info about HTTP, HTTPS, FTP:

Info about proxy sock:

Info about Anonymity Transparent proxy:

More about VPN: to get Free Premium VPN.

If you stay in Malaysia, you may realise that you won’t able to access those file sharing websites anymore. The most famous one will be “Thepiratedbay Dot Org”. Apparently all internet service providers (ISPs) in Malaysia have been ordered to block all these file-sharing websites.

Technically speaking, file sharing has nothing wrong and it should be something legal. What it makes it illegal is the copyright content of the file. So banning this website, you are basically ban everything which includes the legal content as well. Is that fair? It seems to me it doesn’t address the root cause…

How to bypass?
Well, interestingly those banned website can be easily bypass at least for this point in time. First you can perform the DNS lookup through For example, you can key-in “” and you will get an IP address “”

What you need to do is to enter this IP address “” into your web browser URL and click enter. Now you should able to access the website. Guess what? Yes, the ISPs (e.g. Streamyx) blocks the website through their DNS server. That’s why you can’t enter “URL name” directly but using the “IP Address” instead. So another workaround probably you can guess now is to change the DNS server!

How to Change DNS Server?
Well, you can refer to my old article on changing the DNS server here. At the same time you will also able to speed up your web browser by changing the DNS server. You have 2 options here. First option is use the Google Public DNS server and the second option is use the OpenDNS server. Since Google public DNS server runs faster, I would prefer to use Google one.

Google Public DNS Server
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
OpenDNS Server
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

More info about Google Public DNS Server

Hope this helps! Please use this for the right purpose and I strongly discourage you to download illegal copyright content.

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