Spam Ads Kebanjiran Nuffnang CPUV Campaigns

Kebanjiran Nuffnang CPUV seperti Spam Ads. Apa masalah yang berlaku di Nuffnang agaknya. Kebanjiran CPUV (Cost-per-unique-visit) Campaigns dari Advertisers Company yang sama berulang-ulang. Apa yang pasti print screen di bawah bukannya satu kebanggaan untuk ahli Nuffnang Malaysia.

Spam Ads Kebanjiran Nuffnang CPUV Campaigns

CPUV (Cost-per-unique-visit) Campaigns

These are earnings from banner ad campaigns according to the number of unique visits the advertiser bought from your blog at the end of the campaign period.

Advertisers select blogs for CPUV campaigns based on several criteria such as a blog's target audience, blogging genre and influence. For example, a cosmetics company would be more likely to select a fashion and beauty blog with female readers to advertise on.

Bloggers with Glitterati status are also prioritised higher during the selection. How?

Making sure your ads are optimally placed, updating your blogger profile and survey will increase the chances of advertisers noticing your blog and therefore increasing the chances of your blog being chosen for CPUV Campaigns. Spam Ads Kebanjiran Nuffnang CPUV Campaigns.

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  1. Mungkin sebab 3 banner ads nuffnang ada di blog, berulang 3x tu boleh diterima. Tapi yang lebih dari tiga tu boleh diragukan


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